Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does it cost to hire trucks through Trucks4hire?

A: Trucks4Hire is a free service for companies looking to hire transport operators.

Q: Who do I pay when booking Trucks through Trucks4Hire?

A: All transactions are done between the individual parties. Trucks4Hire is only a medium for bringing the parties together.

Q: What are the rates that companies charge?

A: Rates vary throughout the industry but generally range from 90-110 per hour for a 6 wheel tipper. We would suggest contacting the company to confirm their rate before placing a booking.

Q: Note:

A: Companies that already use members on Trucks4Hire would be paying the same rates as previously arranged

Q: Once I book a truck do I have to use them?

A: If you are not satisfied with the rates quoted or you no longer require a truck from a Trucks4Hire member you may choose to cancel the booking by contacting the Transport company directly.

Q: Can I book trucks through my phone?

A: Yes. Trucks4Hire is a mobile friendly site that will work with most modern phones, ipads and computers

Q: Members

A: FAQs for Members with Trucks

Q: Does Trucks4Hire charge extra when someone has booked one of my trucks online?

A: No. There are no additional charges

Q: Can I choose not to accept a booking?

A: Yes. We only expect that you treat all bookings requests promptly with a friendly manner and explain fully why you cannot supply a truck. You may suggest another Trucks4Hire member if yours are unavailable.

Q: How often should I manage my fleet?

A: It is important that you continually update your fleet. You must only show the Trucks that are available for hire. It is simple to update your fleet online just go to manage my fleet.

Q: Who negotiates rates?

A: You do. Once a truck has been booked it is up to you to negotiate rates and payment terms.

Q: Will Trucks4Hire promote my business?

A: Yes. We are actively promoting Trucks4Hire and its members to companies that use trucks. As part of our marketing plan we will be advertising in various magazines and other forms of advertising to promote the brand.

Q: What are the costs involved in using Trucks4Hire?

A: Trucks4Hire is currently a free service.

Q: Does Trucks4Hire offer me full support?

A: Yes. If you are having any problems using the site or would like to offer any suggestions that may help us and our members please Contact Reece Jones 021 974 147 or [email protected]