About us / How it works

Trucks4Hire is an easy to use mobile friendly website dedicated to the earthmoving industry.

Based on the slogan ‘Together we’re better’, Trucks4Hire is designed to make earthmoving businesses work more efficiently. Although most companies have a network of other companies they use regularly, Trucks4Hire makes booking these companies easier, eliminating time spent making a number of phone calls.

Trucks4Hire also enables new customers to quickly and easily find the truck they require for any given project, and simply book it, without having to make phone calls to many different companies. It has been designed by people in the industry, to make hiring out tip trucks easier and more efficient than the traditional methods of texting or calling trucking companies.

Trucks4Hire is a free service to people looking to hire a truck available on any given day in any given area. Once a truck has been booked it is between the two parties to negotiate rates and payment terms. Trucks4Hire is also free for Companies who are members that advertise their trucks available for hire each day, by simply updating their fleet online.